Staffing insights and advice. Wins Corp! Magazine 2021 Michigan’s Most Valuable Entrepreneur Award

Jim Cowper, President, has been awarded the Corp! Magazine 2021 Michigan’s Most Valuable Entrepreneurs – Go For The Gold Award. He will accept this award during a virtual experience, which will take place on February 25, 2021 – to be hosted by Tom Jordan, Morning News Anchor, CBS WWJ.

With these awards, Corp! Magazine is taking the concept of “Most Valuable Player” or MVP into the field of business, by highlighting Michigan’s Most Valuable Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Millennials.

According to Corp! Magazine, the winners of this award have demonstrated excellence, commitment and passion through their careers and community involvement. “These individuals are making our state a better place to live and work. MVP honorees are deserving members of the community who are creating job opportunities, driving economic growth, nurturing community advancements, or leading successful companies.” – Corp! Magazine

To recognize and honor Jim Cowper and the team, we are publishing a small excerpt of the nomination essay for this award. See below. Congratulations to Jim Cowper and the leadership team!!!


Launched to support an underserved market, is a unique managed service provider program MSPP/VMS solution that helps dynamic (small to mid-sized)companies streamline suppliers, improve productivity and reduce the cost of managing contingent labor.

Put more simply, manages the companies that manage contingent labor for their clients. To give you context using household names, Ford Motor Company or General Motors, etc. use an MSPP to coordinate with all of their contingent labor suppliers (there are several) which have (approximately) 500 to 800 million dollars spend(s). These companies, like most large (national or international) companies engage an MSP to coordinate all of their contingent labor programs. Usually, the larger the company the more complicated contingent labor management becomes. As a result, most companies of this size have engaged an MSP, which focus primarily on very large dollar spends.

How is different? The team engages companies, which target the 5 to 75 million dollars spend(s). Most companies in this underserved market do not have access to well developed, technology driven (artificial intelligence) managed service programs. was created to provide education, value and service to this undeserved market. We help our clients understand what a managed service provider program is and how our programs can create value and produce cost savings.

The President of, Jim Cowper embodies what it means to be an entrepreneur. Willing to see beyond what is, Jim works to examine what could be. An innovator, Jim possesses the unique ability to see and capitalize on the intersection between an idea and the necessary resources to bring that idea to scale. Jim’s work in the business community can be summed up with the following quote:

“Entrepreneurship is the engine fueling innovation, employment generation and economic growth. Only by creating an environment where entrepreneurship can prosper and where entrepreneurs can try new ideas and empower others can we ensure that many of the world’s issues will not go unaddressed.” – Klaus Schwab