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Do You Need A Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

As the COVID-19 vaccines continued to be rolled out in the United States and around the world, the US economy is beginning to rebound.

According to McKinsey & Company, a successful vaccination campaign for fighting the COVID-19 virus would return economic output in the U.S. to 2019 levels three to six months faster than a partially effective rollout. By the end of 2022, that would add between $800 billion and $1.1 trillion to the economy.

In March 2021, the Fed reported it’s heightened expectations for economic growth. “Following a moderation in the pace of the recovery, indicators of economic activity and employment have turned up…” – The Fed

When facing any growth and expansion, businesses frequently need to increase their temporary workforce quickly.

The question is, is your organization ready for this type of change and expansion? Do you need a managed service provider (MSP)?

How do you find and manage a pool of on demand, best-in-class talent. And how do you operate the entire process in a compliant manner?

And what about the quality of those candidate placements? How can you be certain that you’ve received a first class candidate, at the best price point?

One of the most cost-effective, flexible and customized solution is to connect with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) like is a full service, vendor-neutral managed service provider (MSP) that bridges the gap for our clients by providing them with the right talent at the right time, every time. The MSP/VMS helps dynamic companies streamline suppliers, improve productivity and reduce the costs related to managing contingent labor. Put simply, we deliver results.

A VMS SOLUTION uses state of the art technology, which allows us to manage our client’s contingent labor workforce and vendor partner relationships more effectively and efficiently.

By supporting a platform that incorporates real-time reporting, intelligent algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning, creates a virtual environment, by which we can manage contingent labor and suppliers in a single platform.

Key Point: The team will gather, interpret, and analyze workforce-related data generated from your business operations. Partnering with will provide you with access to business intelligence and results in critical insights, including contingent workforce performance, spend analysis and budget forecast, cost control, efficiency issues and opportunities.


Many companies that manage their contingent staffing requirements often deal with unexpected costs related to time, compliance and benefits, etc. Before they know it, they’ve spent far too much time and money on recruiting and managing their contractors. Ultimately, overspending is a significant setback to an organization’s bottom line.

Key Point: It’s commonly estimated that working with an MSP provider saves between 10-20% in initial savings. This amount often increases 5-10% over time as your hiring or HR team experiences additional savings and efficiencies.

The value of working with an MSP like is transparent and simplified employee sourcing, hiring, and management. As the central clearing house, the will abolish wastefulness, boost productivity, and reduce the burden of administration of contractual employees.


As you probably know, there are ever changing rules, regulations and compliance issues associated with talent acquisition and management. Do you have the time and resources to ensure that you remain compliant? Are you sure that your suppliers are in good standing and meeting your requirements?

The team will conduct a 360-performance review of your contingent labor supply chain and HR processes. We will also work to pinpoint where your company and your suppliers are out of compliance. Our goal will be to ensure that your company remains compliant during every phase of the talent management process.

Key Point: Working with the can significantly mitigate the risk related to government and in-house compliance.

So, what makes us different than other MSP’s? The team doesn’t offer “one size fits all” solutions. Our customized programming is as varied as our client base. Our programming also includes customized, cloud-based VMS solutions, designed to give you the “just in time” metrics and information you need, when you need it.

After engaging the team, our clients also report that they have gained clarity and transparency regarding the management of their suppliers. With as a partner, our clients benefit from having immediate access to important metrics such as level of spend, time to fill, quality of placement and program participation.


For many organizations managing a contingent labor supply chain can be daunting. The team works to vet your current suppliers. Our job is to ensure your vendors are providing you with the highest quality contingent labor at the best price for you. If your suppliers are not in line with your business goals, we will work to ensure that your expectations are met, and that your business objectives are achieved.

The team also has an ever-expanding list of suppliers. Our team can provide supplier recommendations. We will manage the vendor matrix to ensure that our clients start out with and maintain the right number and types of vendors. Through vendor performance management, organizations only work with the best-in-class vendors.

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