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A Streamlined Contingent Labor Plan

Client Background

The client is an international Department of Defense supplier with over $30 billion in annual revenues and has locations throughout the United States and Europe. This DoD supplier designs, tests and manufactures military vehicles. They use various contingent labor staffing services, with the goal of taking many of their contract workers direct. This was the first time this client had engaged to identify and resolve the current vendor base inefficiencies.

The Challenge

This international DoD supplier was struggling to meet its staffing business objectives. They reported exorbitant costs for contingent placements. The current vendor base was not successful and mutual value was low.

The Solution

First, the team conducted an analysis of the client’s locations, timing, costs, turnover data and related skill sets.

The client had been using multiple staffing companies in an effort to meet their staffing objectives. The problem was poor talent acquisition, price, timing, turnover, employee morale and disastrous travel logistics.

The team initiated a comprehensive review of the client’s “pain points”. Our evaluation team concluded that the delay in new hires, coupled with a high turnover rate were responsible for the added costs, combined with a vendor base that was not aligned to client needs.

The team developed a solution, which included maintaining two existing vendors. In addition, two new vendors were added. The new vendor matrix aligned more closely to the client’s staffing needs and objectives.

The Results

The outcome was quicker candidate fill rates at reasonable price points. Ultimately, what emerged from this process was a streamlined contingent labor plan, which aligned more closely with our client’s business objectives. The vendor base grew market share and net margin, the client gained timely talent at market pricing. We deliver results.